Personas and use cases

For IBM Cloud Pak® for Multicloud Management, five personas are defined: Developer, Ops, IT Admin, Site Reliability Engineer, Security, and Compliance Engineer. Each persona can complete their tasks more efficiently and easily with IBM Cloud Pak® for Multicloud Management.

Persona: Developer

As a developer, you can code new microservices and cloud-native applications instead of worrying about infrastructure or resources provisioning.

Here are the detailed tasks and how IBM Cloud Pak® for Multicloud Management can help.

Tasks References
Create or edit resources to create and manage hybrid applications. - Application resources
View and manage applications across clusters on one console. - Managing applications with the console
Use open source technology and frameworks to package and deploy applications into clusters. - Deploying application resources
Understand how resources are used by Kubernetes deployments over time. - Metering service
Monitor application performance, such as availability and response time. - Monitoring overview
- Viewing monitoring results
- Synthetics PoP test
Check policy violations and vulnerabilities and get clear remediation suggestions. - Managing a security policy
- Security findings
- Vulnerability Advisor
Automate provisioning of infrastructure and applications across multiple cloud environments with optional workflow orchestration. - Managed services overview
- Managing services
- Managing applications
- Managing Terraform templates
- Managing data types and data objects
- Assigning access to services to different namespaces
- Assigning access to applications to different namespaces

Persona: Ops

As someone in operations, you can discover the traditional and modern services of the application, deploy applications by using the DevOps pipeline to drive a consistent process for delivering changes, and ensure that applications meet their goals of stability and security.

Here are the detailed tasks and how IBM Cloud Pak® for Multicloud Management can help.

Table 2. Persona: Ops tasks and references
Tasks References
Manage Helm charts and Kubernetes services across multiple cloud environments on one console. - Managing charts
- Creating a cluster Opens in a new tab
- Resizing a cluster Opens in a new tab
- Importing a target managed cluster to the hub cluster Opens in a new tab.
- Cluster monitoring
Manage authentication and authorization across multiple cloud environments. - Managing teams
- Managing namespaces
- Identity and Access Management for Multicloud Management platform users
Manage logging, keys, and other Kubernetes configurations. - Logging service
- Cluster configurations
Flexible deployment for application updates. - Deploying application resources with a rolling update

Persona: IT Admin

As an IT administrator, you can complete the following tasks for Service management. You can also complete all the tasks that are listed in the Developer and Ops personas for Service management.

Here are the detailed tasks and how IBM Cloud Pak® for Multicloud Management can help.

Tasks References
Managing service instances - Managing service instances
Managing application instances - Service library view
Complete Day-2 operations on activity instances like edit, modify state of resources - Editing a service instance

Persona: Site Reliability Engineer

As a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE), you can complete the following tasks:

Here are the detailed tasks and how IBM Cloud Pak® for Multicloud Management can help.

Tasks References
Receive notification reports for cluster and application incidents. - Configuring alerts
- Managing thresholds
Check the application performance by using synthetic tests.​ - Synthetics PoP test
Check the resource usage issues. - Viewing monitoring results
Check whether there are pods that are not running and restart these pods. - Viewing your managed resources
- Metering service
- System Healthcheck service
Document the runbook for automatic resolution of such issues in the future. - Managing runbooks
Have a cohesive console for event handling and operation. - Event and operation

Persona: Security and Compliance Engineer

As a Security and Compliance Engineer, you can create policies, assign policies to clusters, view policy compliance status, look for security incidents, and check code vulnerabilities. You can ensure that clusters are configured according to corporate security policies and that applications are securely coded.

Here are the detailed tasks and how IBM Cloud Pak® for Multicloud Management can help.

Tasks References
Manage all security requirements and view policy compliance and vulnerability status across multiple cloud environments on one console. - Governance, risk, and compliance
- Managing security policies
- Managing Vulnerability Advisor policies
Set up compliance policies to guard against exposures, internal protocols, and adhere to government regulations​.​ - Creating security policies
Set up the Vulnerability Advisor to scan images. ​ - Scanning an image registry with the Vulnerability Advisor
Set up Mutation advisor to do runtime protection of the containers​. - Mutation Advisor Advanced (MA++)
Assign appropriate policies to various clusters. - Configuration policy controller
Receive alerts if there are compliance failures in the clusters and assign people to remediate.​ - Security findings
Integrate with other security software, such as Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools to get a holistic view of corporate security posture​. - Audit logging adoption guide
- Audit logging integration with enterprise SIEM tools