Configure New Relic Legacy

Configure integration with New Relic Legacy.

Configure New Relic Legacy as source:

  1. Generate an incoming webhook as described in Configuring New Relic as an event source.
  2. Log in to New Relic as an administrator.
  3. From the New Relic menu bar, select Alerts > Channels and groups.
  4. In the Channel details section, click Create channel > Webhook.
  5. Enter a name for the channel and paste the incoming webhook URL into the Webhook URL field. This is the generated URL provided by Monitoring. Add an optional description.
  6. Select your Notification level.
  7. Click Integrate with Webhooks.
  8. Associate the webhook channel with all of the New Relic policies that you want to receive events from. For more information about associating channels with policies, see the New Relic documentation.
  9. To start receiving events from New Relic, ensure that Enable event management from this source is set to On in Monitoring.