Viewing service details

After you create a service, you can view its details from the Services Library page.


  1. In the navigation bar, click Library > Services.

    In the services page, you can see a list of all the services. Each service record has name, number of versions, and the date modified.

  2. Search for your service by using any of the following search filters:

    • Enter your service name in Search services.
    • Click the show filter menu icon to filter records based on the status of a service. The different statuses of a service are Draft, Published, Retired.
    • You can also filter the services by clicking Show globally accessible. You can also include/exclude the globally accessible services by checking/unchecking the Show globally accessible.
    • You can click Name and Date modified column headers to sort records.
    • You can select a namespace from the All namespaces drop-down list. The list of services in the page changes based on the selected namespace. You can select "All namespaces" to see all of the services for which you have access.
    • You can use the pagination drop-down to select the number of records you want to display in a page at a time. Use the > or < to go through the next or previous set of records.
  3. You can select the following actions from the overflow menu of a service: Add version, Duplicate, Rename service, Change Category and Delete.

  4. Expand the service to view the following details: Version name, Status, Associated instances and Created. You can select the following actions from the overflow menu:

    • Draft : Edit/Copy/Deploy/Publish/Delete
    • Published: View/Copy/Deploy/Retire
    • Retired: View/Copy/Delete
  5. Click the service for which you want to see the details.

    The name of the service and the status of the service is displayed. From the overflow menu, you can Add Version, Duplicate, Change category and Delete actions. This menu changes as per the status of the service version.

    • The Overview tab of the service is displayed by default, and has the following sections:

      • Service details.
      • Service version - You can select the version of this service from the drop-down list.
      • Features - You can order the service using the chosen features.
      • The Versions tab of the service has the following sections:
      • Default version - You can change the default version of a service from this drop-down list.
      • Search version based on the status of a service version Draft, Published, Retired.
      • You can click Version name or Created column headers to sort the records.
      • Each version has the following actions from the overflow menu: View details, Edit details, Edit version and Delete.
      • You can click a service version to edit it. For service details, see Creating a Service.
    • The Associated instances page displays the details of all the instances that are associated with a particular version of a service. In this tab, click the Actions overflow menu of the associated instance record to View Details of that instance, Edit, Custom actions, Retry, Resume, Terminate or Delete. The menu options are based upon the status of the associated instance.