Managing shared parameters

Shared parameters define shared configuration to store data and are used by templates.

The Data Types and Data Objects are constructs that are used to capture these shared configurations. These are essentially pointers to data structures that facilitate the dynamic binding at run time. You can create and manage Data Types and Data Objects in Managed services console. In addition, whenever you import a template from Git repository, the Data Types of the template are also imported.

Data Types

The Data Types defines the data. Data Types contains the metadata of the attributes like name, attribute type and default values. For example, you can have a data type IBM_Tivoli_Directory_Structure to encapsulate the attributes of your LDAP server and then you can create a data object, an instance of this data type, that contains the values for these attributes which can be referenced in the template during deployment.

There are two types of Data Types:

Data Types lookup

Data Types lookup is the mechanism to reference a Data Type to retrieve the dataobjects associated with it. The API representation is POST datatypes/lookup wherein the Data Type is passed as a parameter in the body. For more information, see Shared parameters APIs.

Data Objects

The Data Objects represent an instantiation of a Data Type. For example, if you have a data type IBM_Tivoli_Directory_Structure that encapsulates your LDAP server, then you can create the following instances IBM_Tivoli_Directory_Structure of Data Type to represent the LDAP server for different environments.

The Data Objects inherit the attributes of the parent Data Type. If no value is provided for an attribute, the default value from the Data Type definition is used.

To create Data Object from the user interface, see Managing Dataobjects from the user interface. For more information about the REST APIs, see Shared parameter APIs.

Create Data Types and Data Objects from user interface

The following links provide the steps to create Data Types and Data Objects from the Manage > Shared parameters tab of the user interface:

Import Data Types from Git repository

To import Data Types, the template must have a datatypes folder with JSON and readme files. If the JSON is not properly defined, then the Data Types are not imported. To resolve this issue, fix the template and reimport the template. If the Data Types are already defined, then they are not overwritten during the template import.