About Managed services Content

The Managed services library comes pre-populated with sample Terraform templates to help you get started quickly. These templates can be deployed across supported clouds that include IBM Cloud, AWS, Azure, GCP, and VMware. The pre-populated sample templates are fully supported by IBM. The Supported Terraform Templates page lists all the supported templates and their repository location in GitHub External link icon.

In addition to these pre-populated templates, the GitHub External link icon repository contains templates that are provided as-is with no support. You can import these as-is templates using the instructions in Import Template section. If these templates do not satisfy your requirements, then you can fork the repository and change the template to suite your requirements.

The Terraform template content in Managed services library can be classified into starterpack, middleware, and integration contents.

Managed services Starterpack Library

The starterpack library content contains automation building blocks that deploy a select set of cloud-native payloads. Some automated deployments that you can perform with the included templates are:

The sources for the starterpack library templates are available at GitHub External link icon location. You can deploy the starterpack content templates using these instructions.

Managed services Kubernetes cluster templates

The starterpack library content also contains a set of templates to deploy Kubernetes cluster based on native Kubernetes services on public cloud and Import these clusters to the hub cluster.

The GitHub External link icon repository also contains as-is templates to deploy Red Hat OpenShift 3.x and 4.2 on VMware and AWS.

Managed services Middleware Library

The middleware library comes pre-populated with templates to deploy a select set of IBM middleware. These templates contain automation building blocks to deploy

More as-is middleware templates are available at GitHub External link icon location. You can import them using the instructions in Import Template section. Some automated deployments that you can import from this location includes:

The middleware library templates depend on Chef automation to perform the installation of the middleware products. The chef automation is driven by the Content Runtime environment.

A summary of available middleware templates and associated Chef cookbooks is available at GitHub External link icon.

The following links provide more information on the middleware templates.

Managed services Integration Library

Integration library templates provide examples on how to integrate with third party services using Terraform templates. These templates can be wrapped in Service Composer to control the execution.

Integration examples:

Content Runtime Environment

The Content Runtime Environment is set up by deploying the content runtime templates. The following links provide more information on the Content Runtime Environment.

Custom Terraform providers provided by Managed services

CAMC provider

The middleware templates that leverage Chef cookbooks to deploy middleware uses Terraform CAMC provider to perform following Chef related operations:

In addition to these operations, Terraform CAMC provider can execute scripts and store the output for use by other resources in your Terraform template.

Filebeat provider

Filebeat Terraform provisioner installs and configures the Filebeat log data shipper to send log file data back to IBM Cloud Pak® for Multicloud Management. For more information, see Filebeat Terraform provisioner for Managed services.

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