Enabling or disabling IBM Business Process Manager

Post the installation of Managed services, you can enable or disable Business Process Manager from the IBM Cloud Pak® for Multicloud Management.


Complete these steps from your OpenShift console.

  1. Click Operators > Installed Operators.
  2. Select management-infrastructure-management namespace from the Project drop-down list.
  3. Select the operator IBM Management Infrastructure managed services.
  4. Select the tab IBM Management Infrastructure managed services.
  5. Edit the Managed services instance by selecting Edit ManageService from the overflow menu.
  6. Search camBpmProvider in YAML and change the following values:

    • Change replicaCount to 1.
    • Edit bpmEndpoint with the BPM endpoint value.
    • Edit bpmUserName with the user name value.
    • Edit bpmUserPwd with the password.

      These are the sample values for BPM provider:

       bpmEndpoint: ''
       bpmUserName: 'admin'
       bpmUserPwd: 'passw0rd'
       replicaCount: 1
  7. Save the YAML file.

Note: The supported version of IBM Business Process Manager is 8.5.7.