Creating a tag mapping for Infrastructure management integration

It is possible to use the virtual machines created by the Service library in the Infrastructure management. This is required for any additional tags defined by the user and used for pricing and policy integration. For example, if policy or pricing requires any additional tags, they need to be created in the Managed services in service definition and also mapped in Infrastructure management.

The tag mapping requires the following steps on the Infrastructure management side:

  1. Create a tag mapping of the environment tag category. See Tag mapping.
  2. Refresh the configuration. See Refreshing Cloud Providers.
  3. Verify whether the virtual machine is tagged correctly by using the following steps:

    1. On the Infrastructure management console, click Compute>All VMs.
    2. Select the virtual machine.
    3. Verify the tags in the Smart Management section.
    4. The virtual machines provisioned by the Managed services should have a list of all mapped labels.

Tag mapping is supported for the following cloud providers: