Collecting data for Managed services

This section explains how and which data you must collect when you encounter problems in the Managed services. If you gather this information before contacting the IBM Support team, it expedites the troubleshooting process and saves time.


Before contacting IBM Support, you can try to find a resolution to the problem on your own. First, check Stack Overflow External link icon or the Troubleshooting sections to see whether your problem has been reported already.

If you are looking for examples, tutorials or more detailed information regarding specific Managed services topics, review the following links:

If you see problems during the installation of Managed services, ensure that you have completed all the requirements from Plan your cluster and Prepare for installation correctly. That should solve most of your installation problems.

General troubleshooting information

If problem persists after self-diagnose, collect the following troubleshooting data:

Automatically collecting troubleshooting data

Use the camCollector script, which can be downloaded from GitHub or find it included in the Helm Chart.

For more information, see Collecting logs using camCollector script.

What to do next

After you collect the troubleshooting data, either review it on your own or send it to the IBM support team. If you have already opened a case for the issue, you can upload the data to that case directly by using the IBM Support Portal External link icon. If the data is too large or any other problems occur, see Enhanced Customer Data Repository External link icon to check alternative ways to exchange data.

You can also ask short questions in the public IBM Cloud Pak® for Multicloud Management slack channel External link icon. However, for more complex issues, the recommendation is to open a case by using the IBM Support Portal External link icon.

Note: Do not send any confidential information from your company.