Select monitor sets and monitors transaction

Use the select monitor sets and monitors transaction to edit the Centralized Computing Central Management (CCMS) alerts configuration. For example, you can turn off CCMS alert collection completely.

This transaction is used to select the CCMS monitors from which IBM® Tivoli® Monitoring retrieves alerts. By default, the Entire System Monitor is selected the first time that this window is shown. You can change the monitor set, the monitor, or both the monitor set and monitor, and then save the configuration. You can select a maximum of three monitors for which to collect CCMS alerts.

To turn off CCMS alert collection completely, clear the check boxes for all of the monitors and save this configuration.

The agent that is already running reads this configuration and collects the CCMS alerts for the monitors that you selected. However, any CCMS alerts that were already collected by the agent before changing the CCMS alerts configuration remain with the agent and IBM® Tivoli® Monitoring.

In addition to selecting monitors and monitors sets, this transaction specifies the number of occurrences of an alert type to retrieve. Also, it helps you to decide whether to automatically close the older occurrences of the alerts that are not retrieved.