Retrieving license snapshots in non-containerized environments

IBM® License Metric Tool (ILMT) is used to assess the license usage in non-containerized environments and produce audit snapshots for your software inventory.

Using License Metric Tool for the products installed in non-containerized environment

License Metric Tool helps you track and control the license usage of the bundled products that are installed on virtual machines in non-containerized environment.

In hybrid environments, the overall license usage of bundled products need to consider license usage of containerized and non-containerized instances of a product. License Advisor is built for that purpose.

IBM Cloud Pak solutions

In a simple scenario, if you have an IBM Cloud Pak® that is deployed only on virtual machines, not in containers, you can solely use License Metric Tool to track license usage of the IBM Cloud Pak.

For more information, see the License Metric Tool documentation Opens in a new tab.

IBM stand-alone containerized software

To track license usage of your IBM stand-alone containerized software that is installed on virtual machines, use License Metric Tool. For more information, see the Discovering software in Docker containers in License Metric Tool documentation Opens in a new tab.

Viewing licensing information in License Service Reporter

License Metric Tool is a data source that delivers license usage data of IBM Cloud Pak from the non-containerized environments to License Service Reporter. You can monitor the licenses of the IBM Cloud Pak solutions deployed in non-containerized environments in License Service Reporter. To do that, you need to set up the connection from License Metric Tool to License Service Reporter through License Sender. Then, License Service Reporter sees License Metric Tool as an additional virtual server. For more information, see Delivering license usage of IBM Cloud Pak solutions and stand-alone containerized software installed in non-containerized environment from License Metric Tool to License Service Reporter Opens in a new tab.