Monitoring the status of your data providers

If you have issues with your resources that produce monitoring data or you are simply completing regular checks on the health and performance of these resources, you can verify the data provider status (online or offline) for these specific resources in the event timeline in the Resource dashboard.


If one of your resources is not reporting monitoring data in the monitoring dashboards, check the status of the resource data provider by completing the following steps:

  1. Go to Monitor health > Infrastructure monitoring on the console.
  2. Under Resource groups (either your Favorites or All resource groups), select the resource group that includes the resources you want to check.
  3. Select a specific resource from the list of resources that are displayed.

    The events timeline is displayed. A text indicator is displayed on this timeline with the message data provider is online or data provider is offline is displayed.

    If the data provider is offline, the resource is not producing monitoring data so there is no monitoring data being displayed in the charts underneath the timeline. For example, if no data is produced for a 12-hour duration, the monitoring charts are empty. If the data provider is online for some of the 12 hour duration, then subsequently offline and online for the next few hours, you can see a gap in the monitoring data for the time period it was offline.

  4. If the data provider is offline, restart it. For more information about restarting your agent data provider, under the Configuring Monitoring Agents topic, go to the configuration section for the particular agent you are working with and find the information for starting your agent.