Installation Manager toolkit binaries

This article explains how to setup the Installation Manager toolkit product in binaries within the software repository.


  1. Download the Installation Manager to a local machine. For more information about downloading these files, see Installation Manager and Packaging Utility download documents External link icon. See the following table to determine which version of the Installation Manager should be downloaded based on which middleware template version is being used. If you are not sure which version of the cookbooks being used, download all versions of the toolkit.

  2. Transfer the Installation Manager toolkit file(s) to the Advanced Content Runtime software repository. The file(s) should be copied to the /opt/ibm/docker/software-repo/var/swRepo/private/im/v1x/base directory.

Version of Installation Manager Toolkit to download

Installation Manager toolkit 1.8.6 or 1.8.8 are required depending on the version of the cookbooks you are using. Cookbook versions 1.0.2 or earlier require IBM Installation Manager 1.8.6 and versions 1.0.3 or higher require 1.8.8.

The cookbook version, toolkit version, and the corresponding file names are listed in the following table:

Cookbook version Installation Manager Toolkit version File Name
1.0.1 or lower 1.8.6
1.0.2 or higher 1.8.8

What to do next

Continue with the one of the methods for populating the Installation Manger repositories.