Set Configurable Parameters

This topic provides detailed information about Set Configurable Parameters operation available under Master Control Panel.

This section allows you to set all types of configuration settings provided under Select Configurations such as:

Click on Set Configurable Parameters or Set Configurable Parameters icon in the Master Control Panel Main Screen to launch for Set Configurable Parameters.

Logging of Function Modules

Click on Logging of Function Modules or Logging of Function Modules icon in the Set Configurable Parameters to launch Logging of Function Modules.

Features of logging function modules are:

Logging of Function Modules enable few operations such as:

Performance Improvement

Click on Performance Improvement or Performance Improvement icon in the Set Configurable Parameters to launch Performance Improvement window.

Features of Performance Improvement are:

Data fetching can be controlled for attributes such as:

Critical Constant:

Other Configurations

Click on Other Configurations or Other Configurations icon in the Set Configurable Parameters window to launch Other Configurations.

Other configurations enables operations such as: