Automate with data and machine learning

Ultimately, one of the major goals of a DevSecOps infrastructure is to get to a point where the system takes automated action in response to changes in the environment. There are two aspects when it comes to automation:

The injection of artificial intelligence into these systems presumes a wide availability of data and trust that system is taking appropriate action. Many organizations find themselves early on in their AI journeys, but the IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management enables organizations to begin that journey.

Building the steps when something occurs

Automation means defining a set of steps and procedures to achieve an end state. In order to codify these steps, the IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management uses the leading, open source automation engine, Ansible. With Ansible, users can define playbooks that define the steps to do everything from configuring software, remediating security issues, or restarting services.

With Ansible Galaxy, users can find hundreds of pre-built automation scripts to do all sorts of things. For complex automation, the IBM Cloud Pak delivers the ability to create runbooks that string together multiple Ansible playbooks to remediate issues that arise in the environment.

What triggers this automation is where the magic of data and machine learning comes into clearer focus. Generally, we see the application of data in a couple of places:

Knowing when something changes

Being able to see your environment in a single view represents the core of the IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management capabilities. With a simple and clear dashboard, operators can see all their environments, across clouds and deployment models. They can see how many applications are deployed to the managed environments, their security posture, and any issues with the environments quickly and easily.

Many organizations track and monitor events that occur within the environment. Knowing when events occur, correlating those events and notifying users in context of where the event is critical capability in automating the enterprise. The IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management delivers a robust eventing framework so that teams know and understand when events occur and ensures that no team gets event fatigue. This capability uses simple machine learning models to correlate those events in context.