License Advisor Sender

License Sender is a component of License Advisor that collects the license usage data from the cluster, aggregates and delivers this data to License Advisor.

Deploying License Advisor Sender

Deploy and configure License Sender for all clusters where IBM Cloud Pak solutions are deployed and on a virtual machine with access to IBM® License Metric Tool. This setup guarantees that License Advisor gives you an overview of your license usage in cloud as well as hybrid environments.

For more information about the data flow, see License Advisor architecture.

Deploying License Sender on a managed cluster

For more information and deployment steps, see License Advisor configuration.

Deploying and configuring License Sender to retrieve license usage of IBM Cloud Pak solutions from IBM® License Metric Tool

For more information, see Delivering license usage of IBM Cloud Pak solutions installed in non-containerized environment from License Metric Tool to License Advisor Opens in a new tab.