Deploying security operands for managed clusters

Image signing support for image policies

When you install the IBM Container Image Security Enforcement operator (ibm-management-image-security-enforcement), you create an operand in the hub cluster. To create an instance of IBM Container Image Security Enforcement in a managed cluster, you must manually install the operator and create an operand in your managed cluster.

Note: Container Image Security Enforcement is deprecated from IBM Cloud Pak® for Multicloud Management 2.3 Fix Pack 5, and will be removed in the next release.

Policy controllers

Policy controllers are installed automatically as part of the service that they apply to. For example, when you install Vulnerability Advisor (VA) or Mutation Advisor (MA) on a managed cluster, the corresponding policy controllers are also installed.

For more information about installing VA or MA on a managed cluster, see Install Vulnerability Advisor in your managed cluster and Install Mutation Advisor in your managed cluster.