Namespace limits

You can update the limits on your namespaces if you experience any constraints.

By default, the following limits are applied to IBM Cloud Pak® for Multicloud Management namespaces:

Table 1. Namespace limits in IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management cluster
Namespace CPU Maximum CPU Minimum CPU default requests Memory Maximum Memory Minimum Memory default requests
cert-manager 800m 0m 300m 1Gi 0Mi 300Mi
default 500m 0m 200m 500Mi 0Mi 200Mi
ibmcom 500m 0m 200m 500Mi 0Mi 200Mi
icp-system 500m 0m 200m 500Mi 0Mi 200Mi
kube-public 500m 0m 200m 500Mi 0Mi 200Mi
multicluster-endpoint 1500m 0m 300m 2Gi 0Gi 300Mi
services 500m 0m 200m 500Mi 0Mi 200Mi

Updating limits

If a namespace requires more memory, for example, when you are deploying CAM in the services namespace, you can increase the limits by following the steps:

  1. Edit the LimitRange object for the namespace you want to change the limits on. The following example shows the LimitRange object for the default namespace:

    kubectl edit LimitRange default-limit -n default
  2. Change the maximum or minimum values of CPU, memory, or both:

    apiVersion: v1
    kind: LimitRange
      name: default-limit
      - max:
          cpu: "1000m"
          memory: "1Gi"
          cpu: "0m"
          memory: "0Mi"
        type: Container
  3. Save your changes. Then, verify that the changes are applied by running the following command:

    kubectl describe namespace default


For more information about LimitRanges, see the Kubernetes documentation Opens in a new window.