Monitoring on-premises JBoss applications

You can configure the JBoss data collector to monitor the on-premises JBoss applications.

Before you begin


  1. Extract the jboss_datacollector.tgz file that you get from Downloading the JBoss data collector.

    tar xzf jboss_datacollector.tgz
    cd jedchome/bin
  2. Configure the JBoss data collector in either CLI or silent mode.

    • CLI:
    • silent:
      ./ -s <silent_config_file>
      You can refer to the sample_silent_config_jboss_dc.txt file in jedchome/bin for silent config file.

    Note: The java to run is the same java to start the JBoss Application Server.

  3. Add the following variables as environment variables or in the file.

    UA_LWDC_LISTENER_URL=http://<ip or host>:<port>
    UA_JAEGER_ENDPOINT=http://<ip or host>:<port>/api/traces


    • <ip or host> is the ip or host address where you install Unified Agent in on-premises environment.
    • <port> is the port that you configure in Installing and configuring Unified Agent plug-ins. By default, it is 8848 for UA_LWDC_LISTENER_URL and 14268 for UA_JAEGER_ENDPOINT.