Enabling Transaction Tracking

Before you begin

  1. Make sure you have SAP NetWeaver 7.5 Application Server Java SPS 17 or later, along with external SSL profile.
  2. Make sure you install and configure the agent along with Data Collector on SAP NetWeaver Java Server. If the SAP NetWeaver Java Server is Multi Host – Multi Instance then agent needs to installed and configured along with Data Collector on each host for which Transaction Tracing needs to be enabled.
  3. If the Cloud APM V8 Agent installer is used for connecting the agent to the Monitoring server, you must install the patch to the Agent Home directory of your agent installation.


  1. Enable Transaction tracking during agent configuration. For more information, refer Configuring the data collector.

  2. Set the properties in ttdc.properties file in the AgentHome/svdchome/{SAP-NWJS-ServerInstName}


    You can change the OpenTracing sampling configuration by editing the following parameters in the property file.


    The default sampler type is probabilistic, and the default sampler param is 1, that means all the traces will be sampled. You can set it to other values. For more information, see Sampling.

  3. Restart the configured SAP NetWeaver Server Instance.