Downloading the J2SE data collector

You can download the J2SE data collector package for the target system from Passport Advantage.


To download the J2SE data collector from Passport Advantage, follow these steps:

  1. Review the part numbers and components to download. For more information, seeFor more information, see Passport Advantage part numbers.
  2. Unpack the greenfield package to get the latest J2SE data collector (j2se_datacollector.tgz) by running the following command:

    tar -xzf cp4mcm_DataCollectors_2.3.tar.gz
    cd cp4mcm_DataCollectors_2.3
    tar -xzf app_mgmt_runtime_dc_2020.2.2.tar.gz
    cd app_mgmt_runtime_dc_2020.2.2