Configuring or reconfiguring the data collector with full configuration utilities

Use the full configuration utilities (interactive or silent) to configure the data collector for the WebSphere Applications agent. You can also use full configuration utilities to reconfigure the data collector when it is already configured. Also, you need to use the full configuration utility to configure monitoring for WebSphere Portal Server instances.

Before you begin

Make sure that the user access requirements are met in your environment. For instructions, see Checking user access requirements.


To monitor WebSphere Application Server Liberty, make sure that the <featureManager> section is defined in the Liberty server.xml file. Otherwise, data collector configuration cannot add required features to load to the server.xml file for monitoring purpose. Sometimes, the required features are not defined in the <featureManager> section of server.xml, but in an external feature.xml file. Then, the include element is used in server.xml to include the feature information from the external xml file. In this case, you must remove the include element from server.xml and then copy the features in the external xml file to the <featureManager> section of server.xml.

About this task

The configuration and reconfiguration utilities can be found in the following directories:


Diagnostics and transaction tracking data are not yet supported by Monitoring. Do NOT enable diagnostics data or transaction tracking for the data collector.