Configuring IBM MQ (WebSphere MQ) for data enablement

Before you configure the IBM MQ (formerly WebSphere MQ) agent, it is recommended to the configure IBM® MQ (WebSphere MQ) first to enable the data that you want to monitor.

About this task

Decide what type of data that you want the IBM MQ (formerly WebSphere MQ) agent to monitor. Enable the data at the queue manager by using the MQSC commands if the data is not produced by the queue manager by default.

Remember: You must start MQSC for the target queue manager before you issue the MQSC commands. To get a list of the queue manager, issue the dspmq command from the bin directory within the IBM MQ (WebSphere MQ) installation directory. To start MQSC for a queue manager, issue the following command from the bin directory, where <qmgr_name> is the name of the queue manager that you want to configure.

runmqsc <qmgr_name>


Enabling real-time monitoring for queues

To see the age of the oldest message (in seconds) on a queue, you must enable the real-time monitoring for the queue.

Use the following commands to enable real-time monitoring for the queues in your environment.

Enabling event monitoring for the queue manager

Event monitoring is one of the monitoring techniques that are available to monitor your IBM MQ network. After you enable the queue manager to emit certain types of events, event messages are put on event queues when the event occurs. So that these event messages can be monitored and displayed by the IBM MQ (formerly WebSphere MQ) agent.

The following types of events are not monitored and displayed with the default queue manager configuration. Use the ALTER QMGR command to enable the queue manager to generate these events so that they can be displayed on the IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management console.

Use the following commands to enable the queue manager to generate the events that you care:

Enabling MQI application activity trace

For transaction tracking data to be displayed in the middleware and topology dashboards, the MQI application activity trace must be enabled at the queue manager.

To enable MQI application activity trace information collection, issue the following MQSC command: