Configuring the DataPower agent

The Monitoring Agent for DataPower provides a central point of monitoring for the DataPower appliances in your enterprise environment. You can identify and receive notifications about common problems with the appliances. The agent also provides information about performance, resource, and workload for the appliances.

About this task

The DataPower agent is a multiple instance agent; you must create the first instance and start the agent manually. The Managed System Name includes the instance name that you specify, for example, instance_name:host_name:pc, where pc is your two character product code. The Managed System Name is limited to 32 characters. The instance name that you specify is limited to 28 characters, minus the length of your host name. For example, if you specify DataPower as your instance name, your managed system name is DataPower:hostname:BN. Important: If you specify a long instance name, the Managed System name is truncated and the agent code does not display correctly.

For each production DataPower appliance, configure one instance. If your DataPower appliances are non-production or small ones, you can configure only one agent instance to monitor them all. Multiple instances can run on the same machine. You can run the configuration script to create an instance and change any configuration settings. You can edit the agent silent response file before you run the script to bypass the prompts and responses that are required.


To configure the DataPower agent, complete one of the following procedures:

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