Configuring a connection to the RHEVH server

To configure a connection to the RHEVH server, you must run the script and respond to prompts.

Before you begin


  1. On the command line, run the following command:

    install_dir/bin/ config instance_name


    /opt/ibm/apm/agent/bin/ config instance_name

    instance_name: The name that you want to give to the instance.

    install_dir: The path where the agent is installed.

  2. Respond to the prompts and specify values for the configuration parameters. For information about the configuration parameters, see Configuration parameters to connect to the RHEVH server.

  3. Run the following command to start the agent:

    install_dir/bin/ start instance_name


    /opt/ibm/apm/agent/bin/ start instance_name

What to do next

Log in to the IBM Cloud Pak console to view the data that is collected by the agent in the dashboards. For more information about using the console, see Starting the Cloud App Management UI.