Assigning an out-of-the-box Synthetic PoP to Synthetic tests

There is an out-of-the-box Synthetic PoP installed with Monitoring server. You can see the location name Default in the Locations list for the Out-of-the-box Synthetic PoP.

Currently, only the Rest API test is allowed to use the Default location. To use the Default location for more test types, follow the steps to update the Out-of-the-box Synthetic PoP.

  1. Go to the master node of Monitoring server, and run the command to check the Synthetic PoP agent Deployment name:

    kubectl get deployment -n <namespace> | grep synthetic-pop

    Where namespace is the namespace of the Synthetic PoP agent Deployment.

  2. Run the following command. Locate the PLAYBACK_CAPABILITIES environment variable in the command result.

    kubectl edit deployment -n <namespace> agent_deployment_name

    Where namespace is the namespace of the Synthetic PoP agent Deployment and agent_deployment_name is the Synthetic PoP agent Deployment name.

    Here is the default PLAYBACK_CAPABILITIES value.

      value: syntheticType=HTTP; browserType=firefox
  3. To support all synthetic test types, change the PLAYBACK_CAPABILITIES value as follows:

      value: syntheticType=HTTP,HTTPScript,SeleniumLoad,SeleniumScript,SOAP; browserType=firefox

    If you want to support only some test types, change the syntheticType value based on your need.

    Note: Assigning the Default location for more test types can use more CPU and memories in Monitoring server. Before you change the syntheticType value, make sure that physical resources are enough in Monitoring server.

  4. Wait until the old synthetic-pop-agent pod is stopped and a new pod is created. You can check the pod status with the kubectl get pod -n <namespace> | grep synthetic-pop command.

    See the following result example:

    syn-synthetic-pop-agent-595bb8f6b6-wkwbw                    1/1     Running       0          2m12s
    syn-synthetic-pop-agent-6667f85f9f-st4bk                    1/1     Terminating   2          24h
  5. Now go to Administer > Monitoring > Synthetics Configure on IBM Cloud Pak console, and create a Synthetic test with the Default location.

    Default Synthetic PoP

    For more information, see Synthetics PoP.