UA plug-in for Redis metrics

The metrics for UA plug-in for Redis resource types collect data for monitoring with IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management. Every UA plug-in for Redis resource type defines a set of dimensions and metrics. The descriptions provide such information as data type, dimension key, and metric unit.

Resource Redis Server

Redis Server.

The following section lists the metrics, dimensions and components of Resource Redis Server.


It lists the description, type and unit information of the metrics available for the resource.

Accepted Partial Sync Requests

Active defragmentation Hits

Active defragmentation Key Misses

Active Defragmentation Running

Active defragmented Key

Active Defragmentation Misses

AOF current Rewrite Time (sec)

AOF Enabled

AOF Last cow Size

AOF Rewrite in Progress

AOF Rewrite Scheduled

Average Time to Life

Blocked Client

Client Biggest Input Buffer

Client Longest Output List


Cluster Enabled

Connected Slaves

Current RDB Save Operation Time (sec)

Denied Partial Sync Requests

Evicted Keys

Expired Keys


Full Resyncs

Instantaneous Input (kb/sec)

Instantaneous Output (kb/sec)


Keyspace Hitrate

Keyspace Hits

Keyspace Misses

Last AOF Rewrite Status

Last AOF Rewrite Time (sec)

Last AOF Write Status

Last RDB cow Size

Last RDB Save Elapsed Time

Last RDB Save Status

Last RDB Save Time

Last RDB Save Time (sec)

Latest Fork (microsecond)

Lazyfree Pending Objects



Master replication Offset

Master Replication ID


Memory Fragmentation Ratio

Migrate Cached Sockets

Number of commands processed per second

Pub/Sub Channels

Pub/Sub Patterns

RDB Changes since Last Save

RDB Save in Progress

Redis Version

Rejected Connections

Replication Backlog Active

Replication Backlog Size

Replication Backlog Size (byte)

Second Replication ID Offset

Slave Expires Tracked Keys

The master offset of the replication backlog buffer

Total Commands Processed

Total Connections Received

Total Net Input (Bytes)

Total Net Output (byte)

Total System Memory


Used Memory

Used Memory at Startup (byte)

Used Memory by Lua (byte)

Used Memory Dataset

Used Memory Dataset (%)

Used Memory Overhead

Used Memory Peak

Used Memory Peak(%)

Used RSS Memory

Used System CPU

Used System CPU by the Background Processes

User CPU consumed by the Redis server

User CPU Used by the Background Processes


It lists the description and type information of the dimensions available for the resource.



Replication Role

resource ID