Workload cannot be transferred to the new namespace

Ideally, you want to transfer the real workloads to the new namespace by modifying the spec:label of the hybriddeployable object. The workloads are not transferred due to the functionality limitation. Also, the workloads under the original namespace are not deleted, at the same time new workloads are generated under the new namespace. As a result, the workload exists under both namespaces.


For example, in the YAML editor, modify the hybriddeployable: deployment-guestbook-frontend spec:label is toronto, and then it is found in the managed cluster that workload:frontend-xxxxx is newly generated under namspace:toronto. But it is still present in the namespace:default workload:frontend -xxxxx. This indicates that the transfer of workload under the new namespace is not complete.

Resolve the issue

If you want to restore the state without modification, you can manually delete the deployment under the namespace in the managed cluster to clear the newly added workload.

In this example, if you want to restore the state before the YAML editor is modified, you can manually delete the deployment:frontend under namespace:toronto in the managed cluster to clear the new workload.