SSH key not found

During provisioning of the middleware template, data lookups are being performed to retrieve information from the IBM Cloud or Amazon Web Services (AWS) accounts. When this error is encountered, the Pattern Manager public SSH key cannot be found in the appropriate vendor SSH key list.


If this key cannot be located, the Pattern Manager is not able to install the public SSH key on the virtual machine.

* data.ibmcloud_infra_ssh_key.camc_public_key: data.ibmcloud_infra_ssh_key.camc_public_key:
No ssh key found with name [camc_public_ssh_key_name]

Resolving the problem

The camc_public_ssh_key must be recreated in the appropriate Cloud account that is being used by the Managed services Automation Content runtime.

The camc_public_ssh_key was provided during the deployment of the Managed services Automation Content template deployment.