Terminating and deleting a service instance

You can terminate a service instance from the deployed service instances. After you terminate a service instance, it goes to the Destroyed state and then the Delete action is enabled. If you delete the instance that is in Destroyed state, then all the IDs are cleaned up from Terraform jobs database and IaaS database.


  1. Navigate to the deployed instances page, by using one of these methods:

    • In the navigation bar, click Deployed instances > Services tab.
    • Alternatively, any operational user can access the instances page via the service library. From the IBM Cloud Pak® for Multicloud Management console, click Automate infrastructure > Service library. The Instances tab shows the deployed instances.
  2. In the service instances list, click the Actions overflow menu of an active or error instance that you want to terminate. The action list is displayed.

  3. Click Terminate.
  4. In the Terminate Service confirmation window, click Terminate. All resources are destroyed from the Terraform and the service instance is in 'Destroyed' state.


    • If all the activities / template of the deployed service instance are destroyed successfully, then the STATUS of the service instance changes from Active to Terminated. The STATUS of the templates in the template instance section changes from Created to Terminated.


    • If a template in the template instance section is already in Failed state, then the STATUS of the service instance remains in error state. The template remains in Failed state even after the completion of terminate operation.

      • Templates that are not destroyed during a service instance termination are never reattempted.

    For information about deleting template instances, see Deleting a template instance.

  5. From the Actions overflow menu of a terminated service instance, click Delete. You can do a force delete on service instances that are in active or error states.

  6. In the Delete Service confirmation window, click Delete for terminated service instances. For error or active service instances, enter "delete" in the confirmation window and then click Delete to force delete. A message confirming the initiation of delete action is displayed.
  7. Click Close in the confirmation window. The successfully deleted service instance is no longer available in the deployed service instance list.

Note: If you attempt the Terminate action on the service instance, then the retry, resume, and bind options are not available in the user interface irrespective of the status of the terminate action.