Creating and managing snapshots

You can create and manage virtual machine snapshots for a VMware instance.

Create a snapshot

Steps to create a new snapshot for a virtual machine.

  1. In Managed services main menu, go to Deployed instances > Terraform templates
  2. Open a VMWare deployed instance and click the Snapshots tab. Alternatively, in the Resource Details section, select View Snapshot from the overflow menu. The Snapshots tab opens, and a resource is selected by default. The snapshots of that selected resource are also displayed.
  3. Click Create Snapshot to create a new snapshot.
  4. Enter the Name and an optional Description of the snapshot.
  5. If Snapshot virtual machine's memory (needs more time) and Quiesce guest file system (Needs VMware tools installed) options are in enabled state, select as per your requirement. These two options are enabled only if your virtual machine is in power on state. In case of power off state, the No additional features option is selected by default.
  6. Click Create. A notification is displayed confirming the successful creation of the snapshot. The newly created snapshot is listed along with the other snapshots of the virtual machine. You can view the logs in the Activity > Others section of the instance Overview tab. Click View Details to view details of a snapshot log record.

Manage snapshots

You can view details of a snapshot, delete a snapshot, revert to a snapshot, or revert to the latest snapshot.

Note: Managed services adds the size of the following associated files to determine the overall size of a snapshot:

These files are associated with a specific snapshot. However, the .vmdk files of the parent snapshots are not included.