Populating the Installation Manager repository

This article explains how to setup the local software repository for products that are based on the IBM WebSphere Application Server family of products. The Installation Manager (IM) repository is served by the content runtime software repository container.


There are three ways you can populate the Installation Manager repository with the proper WebSphere Application Server offerings.

IBM Installation Manager live repositories

The Installation Manager live repositories enable you to directly install the product and supplemental software over the internet. All fix packs levels are available. Access to the initial release requires the proper entitlement. For a list of Installation Manager repositories, see Online product repositories for WebSphere Application Server offerings External link icon.

This method will require you to use the IBM Package Utility to build a local Installation Manager repository.

IBM Fix Central

IBM Fix Central contains all fix packs and interim fixes for the product parts. For example, you can download the latest fix pack for WebSphere Application Server or an earlier level according to your needs. Applicable parts for each version of WebSphere Application Server are listed in the download documents. For a list of updates, see Recommended updates for WebSphere Application Server External link icon.

This method allows you to use download the fix packs from IBM Fix Central and copy them to the Advanced Content Runtime software repository. This is a good choice if you already have the fix packs downloaded.

IBM Passport Advantage Online

Passport Advantage customers can download the initial release of the product parts from Passport Advantage Online. To obtain current code levels, these downloads must be supplemented with fix pack repositories from IBM Fix Central. For parts available from Passport Advantage Online, see Download WebSphere Application Server from Passport Advantage Online External link icon.

Which method you choose depends on what you are most familiar with.

When working with IBM Installation Manager, you should be familiar with the following terminology:


  1. Download the Installation Manager toolkit to a local machine and transfer the file to the proper location in the software repository. For more information, see Installation Manager Toolkit

  2. Build the Installation Manager repository for the WebSphere Application Server products. For more information, see one of the following:

  3. Setup the composite repository. For more information, see Setting up a composite repository

  4. Verify that the Installation Manager is setup correctly. For more information, see Validating the Installation Manager repository

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