Example Queries:

Query All VMs

GET /api/vms

Query A Specific VM

GET /api/vms/1386

Query all VMs, but return only return name and vendor

GET /api/vms?expand=resources&attributes=name,vendor

Query VMs named sample* and return name and vendor

GET /api/vms?expand=resources&attributes=name,vendor&filter[]=name='sample%'

Query VMs but only return the first 500

GET /api/vms?offset=0&limit=500

Query VMs but return the second 500

GET /api/vms?offset=500&limit=500

Query first 1000 VMs, named test*, get name, vendor and guid and sort by name in ascending order

GET /api/vms?offset=0&limit=1000&filter[]=name='test%'

Query Services tagged for the finance department

GET /api/services?by_tag=/department/finance

Query Services tagged with the finance or engineering department

GET /api/services?by_tag=/department/finance,/department/engineering

Get details on the Tags of the first service

GET /api/services/1/tags?expand=resources
GET /api/service_catalogs/1?expand=service_templates
GET /api/service_templates/25/service_requests?expand=resources,request_tasks

Get a specific provision request with expanded details on the associated provision request tasks

GET /api/provision_requests/120?expand=request_tasks