Using ChatOps to integrate with multiple tools and automate actions and workflows

ChatOps, a way of conversation-driven development, is used to integrate services and tools, facilitate collaboration across teams, automate actions and workflows for quicker troubleshooting. ChatOps further accelerates the ability to receive and react to incidents immediately. You can benefit from improved agility and enhanced trust.

By integrating ChatOps with IBM Cloud Pak® for Multicloud Management or PagerDuty, you can run actions and workflows by chatting in Slack, instead of going to IBM Cloud Pak® console or PagerDuty.

Why ChatOps is used

What you can do by using ChatOps

To know how to use ChatOps, see ChatOps commands and scenarios.

To update ChatOps integration settings, see Updating ChatOps integration settings.

To troubleshoot ChatOps problems, see Troubleshooting ChatOps.