Sending incident details to Slack channels

You can send notifications to Slack channels. Slack is a cloud-based team collaboration tool that facilitates real-time messaging and file sharing.

Before you begin

If you want to send notifications to your Slack channels from Monitoring, you must configure an incoming WebHook URL within your Slack service. The WebHook URL provided by Slack is required for the integration steps later in this section. Complete the following steps to create the WebHook URL:

  1. From your Slack channel click the icon for Channel Settings > Add apps and search for “incoming-webhook”.
  2. Click Add configuration.
  3. Select the channel that you want to post to.
  4. Click Add Incoming WebHooks integration.
  5. Copy the URL in the WebHook URL field and paste it in the field provided on the Monitoring Slack integration page.
  6. Click Save Settings.

About this task

Note:: IBM is providing a link to this third party channel as a convenience to you. IBM does not control the processing or security of that third party channel and is not responsible for that processing or security. You are responsible for determining whether or not the third party channel meets your requirements in terms of processing, security and privacy.

To set up a Slack channel integration:

  1. Go to Administer > Monitoring > Integrations on the IBM Cloud Pak console.
  2. Click the Outgoing tab, and click Configure an integration.
  3. Go to the Slack tile and click Configure.
  4. When adding a team for the first time you must complete two additional steps. These steps also apply when you select Change teams.

    1. Enter your team's Slack domain and click Continue.
    2. Enter your Slack credentials. Your email address and Slack password are required to allow the Slack App to access the available channels so that you can add them.
  5. Select a Team and Channel to post to. You can have multiple teams and switch between them. If you have more than one team the list of channels displayed is for the currently selected team.

  6. Click Authorize. The Slack App is added to the team and the channel appears in the Slack integration list in Monitoring.
  7. On the Integrations page, ensure that you set Enablement to On for Slack to allow the Slack channel to receive notifications from Monitoring.
  8. To send notifications about incidents to Slack channels, set up Incident policies as described in Managing incident policies.

What to do next