Failing to see Grafana on the navigation menu

After you integrate IBM Cloud Pak® for Multicloud Management with Grafana, on the navigation menu of the IBM Cloud Pak® for Multicloud Management console, sometimes you can't see the menu item Grafana, which should be seen as described in Console components.


This is because the nav configuration for the menu item Grafana has the serviceName ibm-monitoring-prometheus, and there isn't a service by that name on the cluster. The serviceName for the Grafana menu item needs to be ibm-monitoring-grafana.


  1. Modify the nav configuration in the kube-system namespace by running the following command:

     kubectl edit navconfiguration multicluster-hub-nav -n kube-system
  2. Locate the entry for grafana, and then change the serviceName field from ibm-monitoring-prometheus to ibm-monitoring-grafana.

    detectionServiceName: true
      id: monitoring
        - ClusterAdministrator
        - Administrator
        - Operator
        - Viewer
        - Editor
      label: Grafana
      namespace: ibm-common-services
      parentId: monitor
      serviceId: monitoring-ui
      serviceName: ibm-monitoring-grafana
      target: _blank
      url: /grafana
  3. Save the changes.