Middleware Content Templates

After you configure your runtime environments, you can proceed to the content in Middleware Template Library in the Managed services interface to deploy a middleware content. Middleware Content automation are represented in Managed services by the Terraform Template format. These templates are made available through a set of private GitHub repositories External link icon.

Before you begin

Read the Managed services Content topic and complete the steps to configure your content runtime environments.

Middleware Template Library

The Middleware Content automation leverages two types of content from this repository External link icon:


This library repository contains predefined Terraform templates that are used when provisioning a Middleware Template.

This repository contains separate directories for available middleware. For example:


These repositories contain the Chef based automation that is used for the installation and configuration of the corresponding software.

Chef cookbooks

IBM-created Chef cookbooks use a common structure to provide a consistent experience. Each cookbook repository holds the automation for a single product. When possible, a cookbook will support multiple versions of a product offering, as well as support for multiple operating systems.

Cookbook and Template Versions

Currently templates supported and versions, see IBM-CAMHub-Open/IBM-CAMHub-Open repository External link icon.

What's Next

Proceed to Deploying a Middleware template to know more about deploying a middleware template.

Proceed to these section if you want to know more about middleware templates in GitHub repositories External link icon and and how it relates to relates to Terraform.