Offline Content Installation

If you do not have internet connectivity while you are installing and configuring Managed services, you can clone the content templates from GitHub External link icon and then import them into IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management Managed services library.

IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management provides helper scripts External link icon that can be used to clone the content templates and download the prerequisites to setup offline Content Runtime.

To clone the templates, you need internet connection. After cloning the templates, you can:

It is recommended that you load the cloned templates into your local Guithub Enterprise or GitLab and then import from the repository rather than importing them directly from file or folder. If you choose to import directly from file or folder, following helper scripts can be used to bulk import the templates.

The Provisioning an offline Content Runtime provides detailed information on importing content runtime templates and other pre-requisites in an environment with limited or no internet connectivity.