Integrating with ServiceNow CMDB

ServiceNow CMDB Configuration Template External link icon allows you to manage the creation and deletion of CMDB records as a part of deploying a Virtual Machine.

You can run this template after the successful execution of a Terraform template that creates a virtual machine. On deployment of this template CMDB Record is created or updated for the virtual machine. On destroy of the template, the CMDB Record is deleted. Ideally you would use this template as an activity in a service composed using service composer. This sample service External link icon illusrates how to use this template in a service.


Template Inputs

Variable Description
cmdb_pass User to connect to Service Now
cmdb_user Administrative user password.
cmdb_instance Target Service Now instance.
cmdb_key Key value for the Server, this may be the host name. This field relates to the cmdb_ci_server name field.
cmdb_record A Map of values that constitute the CMDB Record. The structure is user defined and must follow the fields described in the ServiceNow ci_cmdb_server record. The only mandatory value is the name field.