Configuring an IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service

For Managed services to access kubernetes clusters, you must provide the value of the following parameters:

Note: You must have administrator privileges for the deployment of IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service cluster and charts into that cluster. If you do not have the privileges, contact your administrator.

The cluster credentials are validated before creating a cloud connection. However, the health of the cluster is not validated.

If you want to know the details of your cluster, do the following steps:

  1. Go to bluemix console at External link icon.
  2. Click Containers.
  3. From the Containers page menu, click Clusters.
  4. In the Clusters page, select the Location from the drop-down menu or enter your region name in the Filter to search. You can find a list of all clusters including the clusters that were deployed with Managed services.
  5. Click your cluster to view its details.

For information about IBM Cloud Kubernetes Services, see IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service External link icon.