Configuring the Ansible Tower connection

Before you begin


From the Managed services to access your Ansible Tower set up, specify username, password, and URL of the Ansible Tower.

  1. In the navigation bar, click Manage > Ansible automation.
  2. Click Create connection.
  3. Enter the following values:

    • Ansible connection name - Enter a unique name for the Ansible Tower connection.

    • Ansible user - Enter the username of the Ansible Tower.

      Note: The Ansible tower user needs to have access to the Ansible artifacts that are consumed in the designed Managed services service.

    • Ansible password - Enter the password for the Ansible username.

    • Ansible URL - Enter the URL of the Ansible Tower.

  4. Click Create to create and test the connection.
  5. Click Test from the overflow menu to test the Ansible Tower connection.

Note: The user can create one Ansible tower connection per namespace and only one global connection that is available to all namespaces.