Upgrading your data collectors

Periodically, new archive files that contain upgraded Monitoring Data Collectors are available for download from IBM Passport Advantage.

Before you begin

If you upgrade your Monitoring server, you must also upgrade your Monitoring Data Collectors.

If you have many data collectors installed, you can stagger the updates, for example, to upgrade the data collectors in the Southern region this weekend and the Northern region next weekend. For details, see the Kubernetes tutorial, Performing a rolling update.


Complete these steps to upgrade your Monitoring Data Collectors:

  1. Uninstall your Monitoring Data Collectors:

  2. Download the installation image and configuration package, configure your Monitoring Data Collectors and validate your re-installation.


The Monitoring Data Collectors are upgraded to the latest version.

Special Notice for J2SE data collector

After you upgrade J2SE data collector from 2019.2.0 to a higher version, two J2SE resources with the same name J2SE Application Runtime are displayed in the Resources dashboard, one is for 2019.2.0 and the other one is for the upgraded version. Ignore the 2019.2.0 resource and always use the new one to view monitoring statistics. To tell which one is the correct version to view, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to Monitor health > Infrastructure monitoring on IBM Cloud Pak console.
  2. Find the J2SE Application Runtime resources on the Resource groups page. For more information, see Viewing your managed resources.
  3. Check the Related resources widget for the J2SE Application Runtime resources. For 2019.2.0, there is no display of JVM type. For the updated version, you can see JVM.