Upgrading the Synthetics PoP server

Use the following procedure to upgrade the Synthetics PoP server.


  1. Download and unpack the data collectors installation eImage from Passport Advantage (appMgtDataCollectors_2020.1.0.tar.gz). You will see the Synthetics PoP app_mgmt_syntheticpop_xlinux.tar.gz installation file. See Downloading agents and data collectors from Passport Advantage.
  2. Stop the Synthetics PoP and backup the existing Synthetics PoP installation folder.
  3. Copy all the files and folders from app_mgmt_syntheticpop_xlinux.tar.gz into the Synthetics PoP installation folder. Over write all files and folders except for:

    • global.environment
    • pop.properties
    • keyfiles
  4. Start the Synthetics PoP.