Kubernetes data collector

Important: If you want to monitor a Kubernetes cluster that is managed by the IBM Cloud Pak® for Multicloud Management hub cluster, see Installing Monitoring DataProvider Management. If your Kubernetes cluster is not managed by IBM Cloud Pak® for Multicloud Management, you must configure the Kubernetes data collector using the procedures in these topics.

The Kubernetes data collector manages the collection, enrichment, and dispatch of Kubernetes topology, event, and performance data. You can install the data collector directly on your Monitoring cluster, on a remote cluster, or both.

The data collector is installed on each Kubernetes cluster that you want to monitor. You can deploy the Kubernetes data collector on the OpenShift platform either by running an Ansible script or by entering the commands manually.

The illustration shows the data flow of metrics and events from the Kubernetes workloads to the K8Monitor component.

Data collection diagram showing the data collector monitoring a Kubernetes cluster.