Remote log file monitoring: Encrypting a password or pass phrase

For increased security, you can encrypt passwords and pass phrases that are transmitted to remote systems when you use Remote log file monitoring.

About this task

The encrypted password and pass phrases are stored in the configuration (.conf) file. For more information about the configuration file, see Configuration file.


Run the itmpwdsnmp command and supply the password or pass phrase that is to be encrypted:

Example of the command when it is run on a Linux system:

$ export install_dir=/opt/ibm/apm/agent/bin
$ /opt/ibm/apm/agent/bin

Enter string to be encrypted:

Confirm string:


In the example, the entire output from the {AES256:keyfile:a}Z7BS23aupYqwlXb1Gh+weg== command is used to set SshPassword in the agent configuration file. The {AES256:keyfile:a} prefix tells the agent that the password is encrypted.

To encrypt a pass phrase for a private key file, follow the same procedure.