Configuring the agent by responding to prompts

After installation of the Citrix VDI agent, you must configure it before you start the agent. If the Citrix VDI agent is installed on a local Linux server, you can follow these instructions to configure it interactively through command-line prompts.

About this task

Remember: If you are reconfiguring a configured agent instance, the value that is set in the last configuration is displayed for each setting. If you want to clear an existing value, press the space key when the setting is displayed.


Follow these steps to configure the Citrix VDI agent by running a script and responding to prompts.

  1. Run the following command:

    <install_dir>/bin/ config <instance_name>

    Where <install_dir> is the path where the agent is installed and <instance_name> is the name that you want to give to the agent instance.


    /opt/ibm/apm/agent/bin/ config vdi_inst01
  2. Respond to the prompts to set configuration values for the agent. See Configuration parameters for the Citrix VDI agent for an explanation of each of the configuration parameters.

    Note: The PowerShell User name parameter and all following PowerShell parameters are only needed when Enabling monitoring of Windows events and PowerShell metrics. These advanced environment variables are off by default because of the significant load they put on the monitored system.

  3. Run the following command to start the agent:

    <install_dir>/bin/ start instance_name

    Where <install_dir> is the path where the agent is installed and <instance_name> is the name of the agent instance.


    /opt/ibm/apm/agent/bin/ start vdi_inst01