Installing CLI Tool (camctl)

About the task

After you install the Managed services, you can install and use the CLI on Windows (64-bit), Linux (64-bit) or macOS operating system to manage templates, deployments and others in addition to the UI.


To install the camctl, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to the IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management.

  2. From the navigation menu select Manage page, click Install CLI tool.

  3. Select the operating system from the drop-down list.

  4. Download the binary by running the curl command from the Download with CURL text box.

    • macOS:

      curl -kLo camctl https://<TSA_HOSTNAME>/cam/cam-cli/mac_os && chmod u+x camctl
    • Linux (64-bit):

      curl -kLo camctl https://<TSA_HOSTNAME>/cam/cam-cli/linux && chmod u+x camctl
    • Windows (64-bit):

      curl -kLo camctl.exe https://<TSA_HOSTNAME>/cam/cam-cli/windows.exe
  5. Copy the downloaded tool binary file to any location on your PATH or copy it to any other location and add that location in the PATH variable.

  6. Configure the client using the following command:

    camctl login
  7. Enter the values when prompted for the configuration parameters.

  8. You must have the authentication platform (IBM® Cloud Private, OpenShift, IBM Multicloud Management Platform), the authentication host and the authentication port details. If you do not have this information, contact your administrator.

You can now use the Managed services CLI to manage Managed services operations.