Downloading the config pack

Download the config pack to enable integration.


Activity Playbook Description
Download the config pack icam/download_configpack.yml Downloads the agent configuration pack file from Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management server. To use this playbook, you must have an Ansible server such as Red Hat Ansible Tower and the IBM Cloud Pak (Monitoring) installed in the same cluster; otherwise, the script will fail due to authentication issue.

account_id (Required)
Account ID for tenant

configpack_type (Required)
Choose one of the following values:

target_dir (Required)
The folder path where the agent configuration pack file is downloaded.

Note: If you are running this playback using Ansible Tower, it is advantageous if the Monitoring server and Ansible Tower are in the same Kubernetes cluster. If they are in different clusters, then you must manually download the config pack to a directory that the agent host can access. You will not be able to use the download_configpack.yml playbook. For more information on downloading the config pack, see Configuring the downloaded images.

You must also create a cluster admin role binding for Ansible server, for more information, see Create the cluster admin role binding for the service account.