Integrating ITM V6 agents

If you have IBM® Tivoli® Monitoring agents or ITCAM agents (referred to as V6 agents) connecting to Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server, you can configure these agents to connect to the Monitoring server and then view monitoring data on the IBM Cloud Pak console.

When you configure the V6 agents to connect to the Monitoring server, you can specify the following connection modes:

See the following table to find out which V6 agents are supported to connect to the Monitoring server and which V6 agents support dual connection mode.

Agent name Dual connection mode supported
Cisco UCS agent No
Citrix VDI agent No
DataPower agent Yes
Db2 agent Yes
HTTP Server agent Yes
IBM Integration Bus agent Yes
JBoss agent Yes
Linux OS agent Yes
Linux KVM agent Yes
Microsoft Hyper-V Server agent No
Microsoft IIS agent No
Microsoft SQL Server agent No
NetApp Storage agent Yes
Oracle Database agent Yes
SAP agent Version 7.1.1 Fix Pack 6 Interim Fix 1 No
SAP HANA Database agent Version 7.1.0 Fix Pack 4 No
UNIX OS agent Yes
VMware VI agent Yes
WebSphere Applications agent Yes
IBM MQ (formerly WebSphere MQ) agent Yes
Windows OS agent No

Known limitations