Installing agents silently

Installing agents silently reduces installation time. To install a monitoring agent in silent mode, you must download an agent installation image archive file from the IBM® download site, preconfigure the agent images, extract the agent installation files, prepare a silent response file, and run the installation script in silent mode.

Before you begin

  1. Review the prerequisite tasks for installing the monitoring agents, and download and extract the agent installation files. For details, see:
    Installing agents on UNIX systems
    Installing agents on Linux systems
    Installing agents on Windows systems
  2. Complete the following steps to prepare a silent response file for installing agents:

    1. Locate the silent installation file APP_MGMT_silent_install.txt, make a copy of this file, and open it in a text editor.
    2. Uncomment the license agreement.
    3. Complete one of the following steps to specify the agents that you want to install:

      • Uncomment the individual agents to be installed. For example:

      • Uncomment INSTALL_AGENT=all to install all agents.

    4. Uncomment AGENT_HOME and specify the directory where you want to install the agents.

    5. Save the file.


  1. On the command line, change to the directory where you extracted the installation script and run the following command:

    cd offering_Agent_Install_version
  2. Run the installation command:

    • Linux/UNIX:

      ./ -p path_to_silent_response_file
    • Windows:

      installAPMAgents.bat -p path_to_silent_response_file

      Remember: For Windows, when short file name creation (8dot3Name) is disabled on the Windows, if directory names in the path contain spaces, installation is not supported.

      Troubleshooting: For Windows, the agents installation will fail on the Windows system if the prerequisite scanner cannot obtain the type of disk where the agent will be installed to. If this occurs, you will see a fail result for the validDestLocation property in the installation log file. To override this issue, add SKIP_PRECHECK=1 to the installation command:

      installAPMAgents.bat -p path_to_silent_response_file SKIP_PRECHECK=1


The agents are installed.

What to do next

Configure the agents. See theUsing agent commands.