Configuring RabbitMQ monitoring

The Monitoring Agent for RabbitMQ monitors the health and performance of the RabbitMQ cluster resources, such as the nodes, queues, and channels of the cluster. You must configure the RabbitMQ agent so that the agent can collect the RabbitMQ data.

Before you begin

Review the hardware and software prerequisites. For the up-to-date system requirement information, see System requirements for agents, data collectors, and plug-ins.

About this task

The product version and the agent version often differ. The directions here are for the most current release of this agent. For information about how to check the version of an agent in your environment, see Using agent commands. For detailed information about the agent version list and what's new for each version, see Change history.

The RabbitMQ agent is a multiple instance agent. You must create the first instance, and start the agent manually.

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